9 Februari 2014

TrickyTrend : Sweater Over Shirt Trend

Fashionable knitted sweaters 2013 varied not only for its stylistic decisions, but also the colors and shades. In the autumn-winter season preferable model white and shades of light beige. Also in trend knitted sweaters in pink, blue and light orange hue.

Layering a sweater over a collared shirt can turn a basic outfit into a bold preppy ensemble. Take cues from celebs like Alexa Chung, Emma Stone and Rachel Bilson when trying this trend. This outfit is definitely Spencer Hastings-approved.

TrickyTrend : Sweater Shirt

Young and restless. / fashion text / Natasa Vojnovic by Terry Richardson H&M Magazine / Vogue Magazine Article Text Background / photo / Madison Nicole Ziegler / The Look for Less / Who What Wear

Most women need warm and comfortable clothes that match the latest fashion trends. Well, that fashionable knitted sweaters 2013 2014 match specific aspects, and cover a huge range of colors and styles.

Layer a cropped one over a longer-hem shirt.. by the way, lately been a lot of sellers own clothing combines knitsweater the collar , and is Very Helpful. want to wear that cropped sweater collar to the campus? Problem solved.

So fashionable women have to choose from, considering the taste preferences and the type of the figure.

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