18 Januari 2014

Long skirts (also known as maxi skirt)

Fashion skirts will definitely add bells and whistles to own style, and give you lots of outfit combinations from Spring to Winter. What I really love about wearing a skirt is that it gives you a feminine and chic look as well as an excuse to wear a pair of sexy tights!

Here comes, how to mix style with skirt!
I try to mix, rok yang panjang lebih dari lutut ini bisa disesuaikan dengan atasan yang kita pakai nanti, how cool. other popular versions of the long skirt are : uneven hem, flowy evening skirt, hippie print skirt and the printed circle skirt.

Dare To Mix : Skirts

What I find practical about skirts is that you can simply change the top and give your outfit a whole new look. I personally love wearing blouses and dress shirts, so fashion skirts really give me the freedom to mix and match, and just have fun with fashion!

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