29 September 2012

Unsaid Feelings

Weird for me to get through it, but I have lived and end it too ....

"I never expecting too fast, I still love him and still care, but at that time I was feeling a bit screwed"

At that time, I was confused by of my heart, everything feels very quickly ... I started to love it and love the sincerely feeling of the moment. I started comfortably as the woman,he's started to make me smile when I read all the sweet words which are written in a short message. me and he was not even 1 month, very quickly indeed if my relationship started in September 2nd. I also want to last a long time with him,when her birthday last September 12, I tried to give the sweetest thing to him,little trouble between us on that night,he's makes me cry .......

only one thing I want,in my day, but he was too late ...

I never demanded a lot to him ... when my birthday. I only fell silent when the man said "I can't" I smiled to answer "it's okay" I honestly want to get a red rose that day, but yaa it's okay :))
I could not cover myself "I still love you, sorry I started to back off ... it's hard for me, I was embarrassed when I cry alone in the silence" I still talking to the moon "he's once said" a wonderful moon tonight ...

"Yes, he's my boyfriend" I have always said very firmly, as many friends ask me, but yesterday I talked about what happened to me and him .. All said "forget him" but it's hard for me, I said, "he's still my beloved" I do not know, I'm confused :""

PS : "how are you there? are you okay? you sick? You didn't tell me, so I'm just guessing how are you there" :)) hmm I tried to forget myexboyfriend,myexkings,myexprice and myexby :"

already promised myself, we had been broke up, I will end the communication with you ({b.a}) :)) 


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