27 September 2012

On My 18th Birthday !

happy birthday happy birthday.... to me horaaayyyy,alhamdulillah i'm 18th on 23 september 2012 lalu yippyyy <3

thank you so much to all my friends and family,olive you all . I am very happy on that day, from midnight my blackberry full of a wonderful message, thank's a lot too,my boyfriend, you all know it was the day my happiness, let's have fun whooop !

I read all the wonderful speech and very heartwarming, hiksss I hope one day I made ​​my parents proud, make them smile, laugh and be happy with my success, soon :))

 with my beloved sisttaaaa much love 

hiksss,ini kue susah banget ditiup.... double nafas ini niupnya wkwk,thank's a lot my beloved CB i love youuu my friendship the best i ever had 

semoga terus dibawah lindungan allah,amin ya rabb ::) 

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