28 November 2013


fiuuh, wake up..wake up . still sucks, ok well.
i account for dreams as real memories, or at least truthful ones, because of the idea that in dreams come truths that are too difficult for the conscious mind to accept.


Anyway, please forgive me for being a terrible terrible blogger.......
i really want to get back into blogging properly, although whether or not this will actually happen is another story of course! This makes it sound like I don't enjoy blogging anymore.

Terlalu banyak hal yang baiknya sih ga usah di post, tapi ya itu semacam tulisan emosial, mungkin? hahahahaha well, forget about the past, come on.... balik lagi ke daerah domisili blog ini diterbitkan. talk about fashion an that i loveeeeeee?! mungkin di post selanjutnya *still waitting*

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