12 Oktober 2013

Take a shot. Have a new look

So heading out into this weekend, let my hair down. Breathe a bit easier....
Btw, a few weeks ago, i cut my hair into thinner and lighter ... be a little less flat than usual. pssst i managed to get a bit of volume.

Take a shot, have a look, move a bit, take a shot, have a look, move a bit more... 

I've spent most of the week settling into my house, no more noisy halls! and running to and from campus. hampir ga punya waktu untuk pergi jalan keluar untuk refresh dirisendiri... (beberapa baju baru banyak yang belum sempat dipake) i don’t often buy things new, in fact, i think this is the first thing i have bought new for a very long time now.. uh my

Take a break... walk around.... visit a friend.... 

What do you think? I opted not to wear a belt, in favour of jewellery, but it looks quite nice hihi. 

Not to include the brand, it doesn't matter where i buy a lot of new stuff and too wasteful. The problem of time, yes time when i should be good to put any clothes. problems where time runs as a student, i forget the fashion blog, my soul.
An then make the choice to not beat yourself up. Focus on something good in your life instead.

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