14 Mei 2013

A little sweet to share

Maybe this time I just want to share the story on my blog.

           One week ago, i met who sees the new wall,new feeling & little trembling heart, hehe. hm ya still busy on college college college college and college. I glad to spend my time with best friend, with a cheerful feeling every time, laughing loudly no matter others see us weird, hahaha let's being weird togethe :p
           I was happy, sad, sick, alone, lonely, but I am grateful to the man who is always there beside me, i hemm called "diot" yes (shht I know he's angry) hahahahaha. "smile you are beautiful" memang semua wanita itu cantik iya ga? dengan ekspresi apapun wajah wanita pasti sisi cantik itu selalu ada, hemm tapi jadilah wanita yang cantik luar juga di dalam? I hope all women such as it.

           Who she is? who lauren conrad? for me she's not just a celebrity. I quote these words "I think it's important that girls know they can be attractive and sexy in a classy way"
Sweet little lies, Sugar and spice, Lauren conrad style. huhuhu pengen semua bukunya tapi gramedia disini ga ada huft?! 
Sebelumnya udah pernah lihat site yang owner nya lauren ga? Nah di http://thebeautydepartment.com kita bisa banyak nemuin step by step tampil cantik yang simple like hair, makeup, and many others are very inspiring. let's check lads! xx

           The story, ini topi punya papa mwhihi i just want to be like a lot woman look like a rock n roll hahahaha. my long hair, huhu I'm a little confused if I soon wear a hijab, be a truly Muslim hehe amen, soon :)

           Okay! This time, now , a few days ago I was too obsessed with the cute! hemmm little cup, everyone's call this "cupcakes" hem yummy!!! >. <

           well well well, l when I'm worried, I'm sad, I'm happy, a little smile to be happy, i own you to all my favorite! love xx

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