17 November 2012

sisterhood in action !

yay! my sister and i today playing with colorful hihi beautiful? : p

I only wear my mother's worn, very unique huh? and we wore shocking pink and tosca colored, awwww I love the colors, the next time I want to add a collection of shocking that I have, hmmmm ........ and I do not ever put a brand name on every style I, because "my style in tune with the soul" xp

look at my current nail polish, as well mmm colorful red, black, yellow, blue and pink and white nail paint touch hahaha I am very the craziest the nail polish \ m /

see the next photo display located in front of our house we say hihi very pretty today wkwkwk xp ......

I used this effect on photos editir android apps, cool or not? :/'s up to you to choose, just playing with my sister, I love her oh so ..


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