14 Mei 2012

eat eat AND eat !!

oh, no! holidays come and make more free time, right? one word, one meaning ..... eat eat eat
- This my favorite sticks, so yummy .... My parents even bought it for me, oh yeaaa they know I likes this, which is so easy to chew and eaten directly, I love chocolate .. nyammm
- the round .... the round .... the pink, these donuts I wanted but I still see the picture, if you want to know how much I eat this donut? although yesterday I bought a donut, but not like this, oh no
- and this... jrengg some time ago i'm and my friend went to look for a new place with a minimalist feel, this home yaaayy @ gentos sweet ice cream, this is my second time here, but I've tried this menu (I forget the name) as usual very sweet and tongue indulge me, mmm I'll come back here, can't wait ..
- hey this Macarons and rainbow cake? want this! but wait for me .. @ NINOTCHKA_JKT - (Homemade pastas, Rainbow Cake, Coffee & Tea, Macarons, And More!! 2pm-10pm Fri & Sat till Midnight Closed on Tuesdays. Citra Garden 6 CIRCLE WEST C-28 West-Jkt) - R H S -

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