6 Desember 2011

BloopEndorse X WidiKidiw

After long-awaited, finally returning BloopEndorse 'playing around' with your favorite vocalist, Widi Vierra. This time seriestitled Widikidiw playfull and raised around the theme of a variety of conceptual images girl doll, microphone, birds, feathers, andstilasi Widi. According BloopEndorse parties, photo sessionsdone in Kemang Jakarta Play Park, and immediately presentedhis photo shots on the internet, so that both you and the WidiVierra fans can soon get it via Bloopendoseinside.com.Remember, the average t-shirt in this playfull series priced at Rp 120,000 and arguably limited stock or limited edition.

BloopEndorse X WidiKidiw Playful Series

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  1. Your hair is really beautiful!! The braid looks amazing. Do you wear extensions or is your hair all natural? Lovely pics. :)

    Steph and Amber