30 November 2011

a knit shirt

at the end of the end of the year, is identical with hujan.yaap season, it can not be denied that, so what is Appropriate dress for weather like this? maybe a knit shirt! yes, wearing a knit pick for the season such as now, the clothes are made ​​from thick is suitable for cold weather and the weather is very extreme, there are times when we choose a knit dress that can provide warmth in cold weather due to rain. Make a style?

eetis, sometimes we still consider the display in any weather you know, more added a colored scarf similar to knit clothes that I use.
for events that we attend in the room, maybe if we also wore a raincoat, with me wearing a dress that can be placed in two rooms, will make it easier to put a style that remains sweet and neat course.

why dont you try it too? have fun girl !

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