29 Juli 2011

"the secret"

one day,i see you in my school and i'm so fill "love at the first sight" you such a perfect in my eyes,and the long time i'm search you,and 3 next day i'm find you.and i search in the social networks,and more i'm find you in the facebook,i'm so happy ,and with hard i bet the prestige !
and long time(3 month)when it i know you not love me.

and now ! i really remove him in my mine ! in my heart ! you really make me crazy "
because I know you loved another woman !

your not the best for me,I want to delete you, of all the beautiful memory as I know you ! and the spirit to live a day without you again, with a sweet smile, because you will not think anymore, which obviously did not think I even did not give much hope on me! and now there will be no longer in your name in my heart.

with smile

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