4 April 2011



Found these two pieces this past weekend sightseeing by London Bridge :)


Super cool.

Love little monsters.

If you have graffiti, we need it.

Send it to faran@nylonmag.com

Best Dressed: Rebecca Hall

Rebecca HallYou know who’s really awesome?

Rebecca Hall.

The actress is excellent in just about everything, from comedy (Vicky Christina Barcelona) to drama (Frost / Nixon), and our favorite thriller of 2010, The Town,

Now she’s at the Metropolitan Opera in an Yves Saint Laurent dress.

It’s kind of reddish pink with embroidery along the hips and, like Rebecca Hall, it’s fantastic.

(Also: Have you seen Starter for Ten?

It’s a British indie comedy with dreamy James McEvoy and Ms. Hall. It’s so funny and charming.

And bonus: ’80s music.)

Bright Future


Once in a while, we find something truly deserving of an “O.M.G.”

These Fortune Cookie Crayons are definitely one such example.

And, oh yeah, they’re eco-friendly.


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