25 Februari 2011

disaster menagement center(DMC)

3 days, which is undergoing training for the prevention of natural disaster victims at the time came, I along with 7 other people feel a lot of experience there, from the disaster on land, sea and even we had to climb a rope to reach the top of the building without much security on it, but not all participants get their turn to ascend the rope, including saya.ada approximately 120 participants, there is also a step down, I do not know why? but there was also the best Hali on Saturday night there, we were awakened at 2 middle of the night, there was a special surprise for one of the committee Repeated years, initially there were quarrels, but finally turned out an unexpected surprise birthday so I guess I was not deceived, but there was also the fact there were indeed fabricated, ohh very impressive that night, and there also we can once again many friends for share the experience even though there are only 3 pieces only high school who participated, and the rest of the students and to the general public, so there are many age groups in disaster menagent center, very pleased, although not for the first time I join a lot of training but is positive in terms of variety of training which I attended while in high school

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